Assembly Jobs


1. Sasha  2. Anabelle  3.  Elleni   4.  Lily


Blue: Anthony (Archie); Yellow: Greg (Kirsten); Red: Murray (Gus); Purple: Jeff (Charlie) and Lucy (reserve)

Rolf Harris: Hannah

Don’t forget that we really need lots of the group to BE THE DANCERS AND SINGERS and that you will all be wearing Australian Animal masks (and costumes if you have one).  You are a very important part of the assembly item.

We also need people to paint and make props and then a few people to be responsible for moving and setting up those props on the day.  That team will be: Jamie, Murray, Jake, Jack… (I think that may be enough for the moving and setting up).  We need everybody else to be involved in making the props and masks too.  🙂


Room 6 – you were incredible!  You went to a lot of trouble and looked amazing in your ‘Australian clothes’. You showed your work and remembered what to do and when to do it and you sang just so beautifully. Jo and I are very proud of you.  Sam and Scarlet, you spoke clearly and confidently – well done!  Enjoy this slideshow everybody.  Mrs Veary 😎


Room 6 – you rock!!   Everybody did a great job today.  You remembered what to say, where to walk and showed the whole school how you do technology just beautifully!  Mrs. Downing and I are very proud of each one of you 🙂  Have a look here on the blog tomorrow for a slideshow of photos from your assembly.   Mrs. Veary


Don’t forget it’s our Room 6 and 7 Assembly this Tuesday morning (2 March 2010)!  Make sure you arrive at school early so that we can be sitting down in the Undercover Area before the rest of the school arrive.  You were fantastic at our practice on Friday and after our assembly on Tuesday, you will certainly have earned $1.00 each 🙂

I hope everybody is having a lovely long weekend and we hope to see lots of parents on Tuesday! 

We hope you are feeling better and can come back to school soon, Callum.  We were sorry to hear about your injury 🙁

A large number of people got ten out of ten for their spelling test on Friday – WELL DONE!   You will do your pre-test on Tuesday and make up a new word list again this week.  I am still looking for the last Spelling Contracts to be handed in on Tuesday!

Mrs. Veary


Well done everybody!  You all spoke so clearly in our Assembly this morning and I was so impressed with the way you organised yourselves and remembered who had to be ready to speak or display work.  Your parents must all be very proud of you too.

Sorry to any parents who followed the public noticeboard and missed the assembly item.  If any Mums or Dads have video footage of the item, we’d love a copy to watch and lend to those parents…..?   

If you have any comments about our assembly, post your comment below.


This is a very busy term and we are already hard at work.   Our key focus this term is on reading for meaningmultiplication and times tables in Maths, and on showing RESPECT for ourselves, each other and property.

Parents you are invited to our Assembly on Monday (26 October) morning at 9.00 a.m.

Reminder that SWIMMING begins on 26 October and runs for 2 weeks.  Please get your money and notes in this week.