Well done everybody!  You did a fantastic job on Friday working in your groups to build your Lego creatures.

The challenge was to:

Create a Lego version of an Australian animal in its environment.

Here are some of the ShowMe videos you made:

  1. Mitchell, Laiytn, Ari and Bella W.

2.   Maisey, Winter and Piper

3.  Raph, Tate and Jarrah created a slideshow of their Wombat in his environment. Click on this link to watch it.  WOMBIE the wombat  


Great job everybody. One more to come, I’ll add it tomorrow.  🙂

but here are photos of Zach, Azden and Eli with their Kookaburra.

Mrs Veary


What types of characteristics/adaptations have Australian animals developed to survive in their natural environment?

This is our BIG QUESTION which we will be researching over the next week.  The blue words are our INQUIRY KEYS and the green words are our topic words.  The red words are our question words.

Today you will be using an ACTION PLANNER to organise HOW YOU WILL DO YOUR FINDING OUT and to give different team members specific JOBS.

FINDING OUT – your will write the facts you find out on your X-CHART using dot points.  Remember to say what your SOURCES are.

Enjoy this fun part of your inquiry.

Mrs Veary 🙂

Animal Habitats (The E in PBE)

Writing a report on an Australian animal you will need to research Physical, Behaviour and Environment facts about your animal.  This is your P, B, E chart.  Habitat falls into the E because it is all about where your animal lives or is found.

Today’s activity will give you a good idea of all the different types of HABITATS.  Click on AUSTRALIAN HABITATS and use the information there to write dot points listing all the different places which are in that kind of habitat.

Eg. COASTAL would have:

  • coastal waters
  • sand dunes
  • beaches … (there are more too)

Then you will be working in groups to investigate one particular type of habitat using the Yowie digital game we have already looked at.  You will be writing what you find into your Yowie Activity Book.

I wonder which habitat will be more popular with you all?


Today we will be finding out more about habitats for Australian animals. First we will be examining the concept of HABITATS for all creatures, by considering what they need from their environment to live. Then, you will be using your Yowie habitats game to explore the different environmental zones where you find these different habitats:

  • Billabong
  • Bush
  • Desert
  • Woodland
  • River
  • Rainforest
  • Wetland

Open the folder called “Kingdom” in your student folder on-line and this will get you into the Yowie Kingdom to explore.  Have fun as you find out more about different Australian animals and where they like to live.  🙂


Remember your PBE chart? This is the E – for environment.  



Class Celebration on Tuesday

I am so excited to see what everybody comes as tomorrow.  I wonder which Australian animal you have chosen to dress up as?

I’ve worked on Kai and Cassidy’s movie this evening and it’s looking fabulous!!!  You will really enjoy watching it.  🙂

I hope you have told your parents how to use the Photobooth and that you all get a chance to take photos with your parents in it tomorrow.  Remember to save your photo strip into camera roll so that we can print them out later.

See you all in the morning!

Mrs Veary