Certificates and Awards!!

Congratulations to Ivy, Nicholas and Ayla for receiving their well-deserved Year 3 Effort Awards.  Great job!  (So many of you should be proud of your achievements, as I would love to have been able to to choose more of you for the award……but know that your efforts are appreciated and noticed!)

Congratulations to our Macqlit students for their hard work this year!

Congratulations to Jenna for her MERIT CERTIFICATE this week.  Great work with your reading, Jenna and keep up the great work next year!





This week’s MERIT CERTIFICATE went to …..JOSIE!!!

for always being a friendly, helpful student and for your great computer skills using the Smartboard.  You are a star!

img_6502-smallI have been SO IMPRESSED by the reading all of you have been doing.  Today I gave out Reading Certificates for home reading and it was wonderful to see so many of you reading for over 100 nights!   We had some 125, 150, 175 and even…..200 nights!!  You guys rock!  🙂

img_6504-small(Oh No!   What did that reading do to all of you……?)

Remember, the more you read:

  • the more words you learn to read and new words you put into your computer brains  (vocabulary)
  • the better you get at recognising the correct spelling of words
  • the more ideas you get for when you want to write a story
  • the better you get at reading!

(Phew!   That’s better!)

img_6503-smallOnly one more term of reading, so make sure you read EVERY night to get the highest reading record you can for the year!

Mrs Veary  😎

Rewards for Reading, Reading and Reading!!!

Congratulations to ALL our wonderful readers in Room 6!   Today was awesome being able to give out all the reading certificates – all the way up to 150 nights reading!!!  You are a really hardworking and responsible group of individuals – WOW!   How lucky are we to be together in Room 6 with such great learners!  🙂

IMG_5735 (Small)although… I’m not sure about this ‘funny face photo’ below….

IMG_5738 (Small)

WHAT!!!! Did I REALLY read that much???

By the way, we’ve got certificates waiting here for Ebony, Kyron and Seb too…..! (and you received yours last week, Kayne)  Well done!    🙂


Two of our classmates have achieved fantastic results this week! They are Leona and Angus. Leona has been working steadily on Studyladder tasks, completing every single set task in a really short time! She has done so well that she has earned a heap of certificates and trophies from Studyladder. Her latest award, after Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies is a Bronze Ribbon which she received after earning 2 000 points!! Go – Leona!

IMG_2166 (Small)

Angus has been working with Jodi over the past few months at Multilit! He has done incredibly well and has mastered all his sounds just so quickly and so well. Angus is readily really well now and he is such a confident reader that we and his mum can’t keep up with him and the books he wants to read! Last week, Angus even shared one of his favourite books, reading it to our class! Angus received a certificate at our assembly on Monday for having mastered all his sight words and completing the Multilit programme. I know Jodi will miss him and all of us think you’ve done an amazing job, Angus! Go – Angus!

IMG_2167 (Small)