You were all amazing today at our Awards Presentation Ceremony!  Everyone I spoke to said they loved your singing!!  Well done, everybody! 😎

When you start researching Christmas traditions from places near and far (all around the world), this is the website to use for your information. Christmas Around the World

Choose your country from the list on the left-hand menu and read all about their Christmas traditions. Then use dot points to add information to your T-chart.

Have fun comparing different traditions around the world to what we do here in Australia!


Investigating Characteristics of Christmas Celebrations

This week you are going to be investigating Christmas Celebrations around the world. These are your MUST DOS:

  • complete at least 2 Thinkers Keys
  • compare Christmas in at least 2 other countries and share your findings
  • Make at least 1 pop-up Christmas card
  • isten to the story of Baboushka and make a baboushka doll set.

CAN DOS might include:

  • Christmas booklet
  • creative Christmas Crafts
  • write a story; song; acrostic poem…or other poem
  • create a Reindeer Dance (and teach it to others)…
  • other…

Escher Lizard Tesselation and Christmas

Here are some photos of Escher’s Lizard tesselation, which you are going to put together today.


Notice how the colours change what you see in the finished product?


And later this week we will be using what we have learnt about tesselations to make some Christmas tesselations.  Have a look at these photos for inspiration.





Isn’t Maths just so cool?  Look at how much Maths is used in Art, and Engineering, and just about everything in life….!


You have been a wonderful group of students. You have all worked hard this year and learnt so much. Enjoy your holidays and I wish you all the very best for Year 4 next year.  I have been so impressed with the way you have used the i-pads and worked on your blogs!  Awesome work!  🙂

Keep writing on your blogs and if you are finished and don’t want to use it, let me know and I can turn it into a PDF and give it to you to keep.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!    This is the most beautiful Christmas Gingerbread House so I had to put up some photos (as we’ll want to remember it when we’ve enjoyed eating it at our class party! )  A huge thank you to Ely and Lulu for making it for us.

IMG_4512 (Small)

IMG_4513 (Small)

IMG_4514 (Small)

You can also have a bit of fun exploring the North Pole and seeing what Santa and his elves are up to on this website.  SANTA AND CHRISTMAS AT THE NORTH POLE