Writing a Retell – Your Dreamtime Journal

Last week many of you had trouble writing a retell of Simpson and His Donkey so we are going to practise writing retells.  We are going to listen to and watch Dreamtime stories and over the next few weeks, we will write one retell per week.  The first one today is “Tiddelik the Frog”.

You will need to listen carefully.  You will need to remember the main events and you also need to say what the lesson of the story was.

You can find the Dreamtime Videos by clicking on the 3 lines above, then find the page which says DREAMTIME STORIES.

Today we will be trying to use the SWBTS strategy to summarize the story in your retell.  Remember to try to use your own words and include the setting and the theme or lesson the character learned.

SOMEBODY – Who is the main character and give the setting.

WANTED – What did the main character want?

BUT – What was the problem?

THEN – How did the character try to solve the problem? (Give the main events.)

SO  – How did the character solve the problem and what did the character learn?

As we practise this writing skill, you are going to get better and better at writing a good Year 3 Retell where you summarize the main events and retell the story in a brief and focused way.