Hugh – Why Dogs Make Better Pets than Cats!

Wow!  We have been learning how to write a persuasive text or EXPOSITION, but Hugh wrote a really impressive exposition about why dogs make better pets than cats.  Listen to his reasons here and you will see how he used humour and strong convincing language and examples  to persuade us to see his point of view!  Fantastic work, Hugh!

You have read your exposition with so much expression, Hugh, that we can’t help but agree with you!

Mrs Veary 8:)


Expositions or Persuasive Arguments

This week we have had our first practice at writing an exposition or persuasive argument.  You used your planner and today you had a go at writing your introduction into your draft writing books.  Tomorrow we will be going over the criteria for an exposition and some examples to give you a better idea of what we are aiming for.








These are all helpful video clips to give you some ideas when writing a persuasive text.

Let’s see just how convincing you can be! 🙂
Mrs Veary


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Sasha and Gus have both written expositions on their own at home.  They did a good job and you can listen to them here.  Just click on the mp3 file.  It would be great if you wrote a comment telling them something positive you liked about their work.  Well done, Sasha and Gus!   (I know Lily is working on hers, so you might hear them here soon….)

Persuasive Argument or Exposition

This year’s writing for NAPLAN is an exposition or persuasive argument.  We have been learning how to write an exposition.  The things we need to do are: 1. Introduction where we state our position on the topic; 2. separate paragraphs giving a point of view plus an example or evidence to back it up (1 – 3; Firstly, Secondly, Finally); 3. A conclusion where we sum up our argument. (Therefore, In conclusion…).  We also have to remember to use strong words to convince our reader like: strongly agree, definitely, will, must, always…

Be careful parents – I’m sure you will find your child becoming more skillful at persuading you to allow them to do certain things… 🙂

Listen to this very convincing argument written as a YES to the statement: All Australians should learn to swim!

Great job, Sofia! 🙂  Sofia -exposition