These are some places you can visit to do your FINDING OUT for your BIG QUESTION.

1.  ABC – OUR ANIMALS  This has lots of good information on Australian Animals which is quite easy to read. You will have to look through the videos to find one suitable about your animal. You can also search ABC Education for “feathers, fur and fins” for more animals.

2.  KIDSCYBER – ANIMALS  Look for your animal in the list.  It also has a good explanation of what ADAPTATION means for animal life.

3.  WILD KIDS – ANIMALS from Australian Museum (some good pictures here) and the main site where you choose your category of animal AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM – ANIMALS

4.  FACT SHEETS from Perth Zoo  (we have printouts for you to use)

5.  FACT SHEETS from Australia Zoo (we have printouts for you to use)

6. ANIMAL e-books -We have two sets and you can find them in our share drive.  Go to: 2022 student folders/AAA-e-books on Australian animals. Then copy the folder you want to use and paste it into your own folder to read!