What causes the seasons on Earth?

How do the seasons change across the world?

What causes them to change?

How can we explain these changes and why they are not random?

Watch this video clip to try to explain this in your own words.

We will be talking about the seasons during Maths when we do “The Trip Around the Sun”, working out facts using calendars and the seasons. Have a go at watching this tonight at home and we can talk about it tomorrow at school.
[This is called ‘flipped learning’ where you guys get to do the watching in your own time and then we do the talking and interesting learning about it in class time.]
Mrs Veary 😎

Flipped Learning in Rotating Groups Today

Today in Rotating Maths Groups the computer group will be flipping their learning.  Today you will watch the lesson on subtraction on video and practise the strategy on whiteboards, before working with the teacher to show what you have learnt when you reach that session.

  1. Click here to watch the video. MATHS VIDEOS
  2. Use your whiteboard to work out some of the strategies using an Empty Numberline.

You can rewind as many times as you like until you understand the strategy and can do it yourself.

Enjoy flipping your learning.  You’ll find it’s easier and even more fun than backflips!  😎

Mrs Veary

Flipped Learning at Work!

IMG_6644 (Small)Students have been learning Maths by watching a video of the lesson before doing the worksheets with the teacher’s help.  IMG_6645 (Small)By flipping our learning like this, students get the time to rewind the video and practise and really understand the strategy before they meet with the teacher in a small group to use the strategy.

IMG_6646 (Small)This also allows the teacher to work more with each student and give helpful tips and support.

IMG_6650 (Small)

IMG_6647 (Small)

IMG_6642 (Small)

IMG_6648 (Small)

IMG_6649 (Small)I was so proud of how you all worked this week in Rotating Maths Groups!  Give yourselves a pat on the back!   🙂 Mrs Veary