Lego News #2 from Fynn

I have made a new big lego ship.  The ship was made from lots of other lego sets.  It took me one and a half days to build. I put big booster jets on the bottom of the ship.  My ship is one that flies in the air.

I also made a balcony at the back of the ship, but I took it off because I thought it didn’t look any good and I couldn’t build a room on with it.

Wow, Fynn!  There is so much detail in this construction.  Please give your feedback to Fynn by using the comments box.  Mrs Veary 😎


Lego News from Fynn!

Fynn has shown his special talent and enthusiasm for building stunning Lego models, all on his own, following complicated plans and step-by-step instructions.  I have appointed him our Room 6 Lego Expert and he is going to share with us on Dolphinkids, some of his favourite Lego builds.  This is Fynn’s first Lego Expert Report.

This is the Land Bounty.  It has taken me two days to complete.  I love making Lego because it makes me happy.  I like putting all the pieces together, playing with it and looking at it when it’s on my shelf.

Written by Fynn W.