The Weather…

We have looked at climate and the climatic zones of Australia.  Today we are going to learn more about the weather.

Watch this video clip and notice as many different kinds of weather that you can see.  Write them down on your sheet and we will share your ideas at the end of the video.
WEATHER 101 (National Geographic)

Now that we have discussed the different kinds of weather events we saw, here is a BTN clip to show you how meteorologists (weather scientists) predict the weather.  Listen carefully to hear what a METEOROLOGIST does!

BEHIND THE NEWS VIDEO CLIP (click on it to start)

BEHIND THE NEWS VIDEO CLIP (linking to Global Goals – Climate Action)

Now we will investigate a couple of reliable weather forecasting websites:

You will be researching weather conditions with a partner for your chosen city in Australia. You need to learn how to find out:

  • expected temperature
  • expected weather conditions (sunny, rain, storms…)
  • expected rainfall
  • how to find the average temperatures or weather for this time of year in your place.

Explore these weather sites and have fun working out what weather other people are experiencing just because they are in a different place, with a different climate.  We will be comparing these later on.  😎



People and Places – Different but just the same!

We read this book earlier in the year, for Harmony Day.  Looking back through this book helps us to remember that people from different places might look different, have different languages and religions, might eat and dress differently, but that all people all over the world are similar. So in Geography, we need to remember that ALL PEOPLE have their own connections to their special places, just like us.

You have just made a jigsaw map of Australia and its neighbouring countries. The people in these neighbouring countries are different from us, just like the people in this story. We will be finding out more about their lives soon when we research different countries.

Try to remember the names of the 9 neighbouring countries!!……? (a challenge!)

Mrs Veary  😎