Today we are investigating TANGRAMS.  Watch these two videos to see how to make some of these tangram patterns!  Remember the 2D shape names we have learned – especially the parallelogram.  (the sloping quadrilateral).

1 is Uni; 2 is bi; 3 is tri; 4 is quad; 5 is penta;  8 is octa….

This video explains all about Tangrams.

This video is a challenge to make a rocket using your tans. Try and make the shape of the rocket by joining tans together. Then you can watch to see how to solve the puzzle properly.

 Have fun. 🙂


Here are some games which will help you to learn the names of the different 3D objects.  Try to work out how many faces and edges and vertices (corners) too.

3D OBJECT SONG  – this is a song which tells you about 3D shapes

 SOLID OBJECT FACTORY – learn the names of 3D objects in this game

NAME THE 3D OBJECT – a fun game guessing from the faces each shape has

Then stick your names onto your 3D objects on your sheet and use texta to colour in the base of each shape (Pyramids) and the side which gives it its name (Prisms).  Then hand it in. 😎