Introducing the Global Goals

At Margaret River Primary School we are committed to learning about and caring about the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development that the United Nations (the World) have agreed to work towards.

Every one of our inquiries will be focused around one or more of these goals.  They are goals which will help to make our world a better place and a safer and healthier planet way into the future.  Each one of us needs to learn about these goals and try to do our little bit to help meet these goals by 2030!

So what are these goals? What do each of them mean? Watch this video to find out more.

and just what does Sustainable or Sustainability actually mean? Click on this link to read a definition to understand it.

What we have to do now is:

  1. Understand what the goals are
  2. Think about simple things we can do that will help
  3. Remember that we all have to work together to achieve these goals for our world.


Our Posters in the Community

Hi everybody,

I am looking forward to seeing what you have done in the last few days as you’ve explored the river at our bioblitz and learned more about Australia’s weather in capital cities.  It’s a big country! 😎

Very exciting news!!!  Both IGA and the Shire have contacted me about displaying your posters!  I will be meeting with the Shire on Tuesday to see where we can put them and IGA will phone me again tomorrow too.

Well done, people!  🙂

Mrs Veary