Learning Environment and Inquiry

What a fantastic group of learners you are!!!   You really showed off your finding out skills during our inquiry group work over the past two weeks.FINDING OUT comes after our IMMERSION stage in our inquiry – as you found out all about the symbols, emblems and flags which represent AUSTRALIA and WESTERN AUSTRALIA!  Great job, people!  😎I think the film makers were also SO impressed with the way in which you changed our learning environment to fit the job you were doing at the time!   It’s all about knowing what changes you need to make to learn best!  🙂

Learning Environment Survey

This is a survey to get your feedback on how the learning environment in Room 6 has helped your learning this year.

Think carefully before answering and remember, it is all about how it has helped you to work and learn this year.  I look forward to reading your answers.  🙂

Mrs Veary

Click on the red link below and the survey will open in another window.  When you have answered it and clicked DONE, just close the window and go back to Dolphinkids.  🙂



Just in case the above link doesn’t work, click on the survey below and scroll down using the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the embedded survey on Dolphinkids.T
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