Macroinvertebrates – Our Science Field Trip

On Wednesday we did not meet Ms Frizz and the Magic School Bus, but we did go on a Science Field Trip and we did go in a school bus!

We are going to be using the data we collected to write in our Science journals and work out how healthy our waterways really are.

Here are some photos from our excursion and a big thank you to our parent volunteers who came along as team leaders.  😎 and to Michelle Keppel from Nature Conservancy for organising this fun scientific field trip.


Macroinvertebrates Excursion

On Wednesday Tracey Muir from Nature Conservancy came to our room to tell us all about macro-invertebrates and explain how we would be sampling for our very own macro-invertebrates during our excursion to the Montessori Wetlands on Wednesday morning (9:05 to 10:25).  Write a comment below this post to tell me what you learnt from her visit.

Thank you to parents who volunteered to accompany us and I will contact you on Monday to confirm times.  Make sure you bring wet-weather gear (if it looks like showers on the the day), gumboots or spare shoes and socks in case they get wet, and warm clothes.  It is such a fun event – we can’t wait!

PS:  Tracey told us about an app you can download if you want to have some fun as a family, sampling and recording your macro-invertebrate finds.  It’s called “Waterbug” and it gives you pictures, videos, scientific facts etc.  It’s well worth a look.

Mrs Veary 😎


We had so much fun working with Tracy on our wetlands excursion.  The wetland was full and the macroinvertebrates were hiding under logs and other snags or swimming in the sun, just waiting to be scooped up in our big nets.

You did a great job identifying them and proving that our Margaret River and associated waterways are healthy!

Next term, Ian Dowling (who helped one of our groups on the day) will be working with our Year 3 students to create clay tiles using your experience from this excursion, which will make a sculpture for the new school.

Thank you Sally for taking all these photos!  🙂




Tracey went to a lot of trouble to bring in the macroinvertebrates last week.  She said that the wetland had changed since we’d been there, with all the rain.  I love the way every one of you participated in this activity.  The water looked so clear and empty, yet you found SO many different macroinvertebrates.  I saw so many people having good discussions and using the book well to identify their creatures.  Well done, everybody! 😎