Maths – Flip, Turn, Slide (Transformations)

Today we are going to learn the Maths words: flip, turn and slide to transform shapes.  Watch this YouTube video demonstrating these transformations.  The triangle will flip, turn and slide.  Then you will make your own flip booklet showing these transformations.

You will need a piece of coloured paper and a blank A4 piece of paper to start. Then fold it as they suggest and follow the instructions to create your flipbook.

After that you will be completing MG16 Flip, Slide, Turn worksheet and complete the section in your Symmetry Booklet to practise these transformations!

Have fun!  🙂

Maths – Introducing Division

Last week I introduced Division, talking about how it is the reverse or opposite of Multiplication, just like Subtraction is the reverse or opposite of Addition.

You need to remember your magic triangle and how to use Number Families to be able to write 4 number sentences using your 3 numbers.

Last week we looked at using number families to work with Division Facts of 2 and 3

and today we will be using number families to work with Division Facts of 5 and 10.

Maths – 3D objects

Welcome back everybody!  So lovely to see you all fresh after the Easter break. 🙂

NEWS – This term we will be starting partner newstelling.  Everybody will be telling their news every Monday and there won’t be a weekly news roster any more.  🙂

Today in Maths we are going to be investigating 3D objects – their names, their properties and their differences.

Challenge: Look around you this week and see how many of these shapes you can see in real life objects and buildings around you?

FACT FAMILIES – addition and subtraction

We’ve worked really hard at learning the place value of numbers up to the ten thousands!  Well done!  🙂

Today we’ll be looking at FACT FAMILIES.  It’s important to know about these, so that when you have a word problem and can’t work it out, you will remember your fact families and be able to work out the answer you need.

You only need 3 numbers and you can create 4 different number sums using only those 3 numbers.



After watching the video, you are going to write your own number FACT FAMILIES on the worksheets you are given.


This morning in Rotating Maths Groups, we will start using our STUDYLADDER onlne learning accounts.  You will receive your logins (1 for your Maths Spiral, 1 to take home).  Parents – this year, Studyladder is giving our class free unlimited access to their accounts from school and from home, so students can do activities at home too. 🙂

These are your Maths Groups. To get to your easy login, you will only need to remember your password (your username will be there already).

HOW TO LOGIN – Go to Dolphinkids, click on the cog and scroll down to Our Websites – find your Studyladder group and when you click on it you will see your name and username.  Put in your password and go to your Set Tasks.

Have fun working through your maths and collecting points – do 5 tasks before changing your avatar.  🙂

SPELLING – You will be working on your Spelling Workbook today during Rotating Groups when you are at DESK.  Practise hard – your first spelling test of your 25 words is tomorrow (THURSDAY)!

TEACHER – Today you will be working with the teacher going over your ODDS & EVENS investigations you started on Monday. Make sure you learn the rule, then you can begin the iMaths booklet. 

Mrs Veary

Why Maths Matters!

Many of you might wonder why Maths is so important?  Why do you need it?  How will it help you later in life?  After all, isn’t that why we have computers and calculators and other technology?

Listen to what Eddie Woo (amazingly brilliant high school Maths teacher with his own WooTube channel dedicated to Maths) has to say about that.  I only want to show you part of this video interview, where he explains the importance of Maths. [Your Mum and Dad might want to watch this too. 🙂 ]