Money Maths with Coach Cash!

Last week we all enjoyed Coach Cash’s visit to teach us more about money and good spending habits.

Remember the motto she taught us:

Spend some on you… but save some too!

Using your key card – not a credit card!Congratulations everyone as she said that you are the first group of students she has seen who know so much about spending – being able to work out deals and how to save money!  Very impressive!


We have been looking at Australian coins and discovering which animals are on which coins.  These websites give you a lot more information.  Explore and afterwards I would like each person to explain one interesting thing they found out.  Some of you might be able to create an I-book on Australian money for this inquiry using Book Creator on the ipads.  🙂

1.  AUSTRALIAN MINT – is where all Australian money is made.  Read about our money and see what is on each side of the coin.

2. KIDCYBER – is an easier place to read about what is on our coins.

3. AUSTRALIAN NOTES – is where you can learn about famous Australians who are on our money (bank notes).


CONGRATULATIONS SKYE!  You deserved your merit certificate last week for a great job with your newspaper version of The Princess and the Pea and for your excellent work ethic!  Well done.  🙂

IMG_3861 (Small)

We also love the way you often bring in interesting items and bits of information from home to share with the class – to improve our learning.  We loved seeing your very extensive coin collection, Skye!  It helped us learn about the different coins and what they look like.  Thank you. 😆

IMG_4988 (Small)

WORK FOR THE DAY – Wed 6 March

Good morning everybody!  I am sorry but I am at home sick today.   Make your relief teacher very welcome and here is your work for the day.

Morning Session

  • Begin your day with Wednesday News (explain how you time your news and each have 2 mins)  (Liz will go out with Tom to do reading)

  • Finish publishing Hush stories – the few students who have not finished sticking in their typed up stories must stick them onto the sheet beside their illustrations (on my desk); Other students to finish colouring in their A3 Modern Classroom Designs (on handing-in table) – allow 15mins for this activity)  All to hand back in again.

  • MENTAL MATHS – Today all students will be working independently on their Mental Maths using their books or the photocopied sheets I gave out last week.  They kept them in their desks.  (Kobi will need a photocopy as I have his book with me at home – and Kohan’s new book is on my desk).  They started last week and today they will all be doing THURSDAY of the week they began last week.  There were 3 groups: Blue book – week 1 Thurs (Mon, Tues, Wed were done last week) – Kobi, Kohan, Matty; Blue book – week 20 Thurs: Jasper, Luke, Zack, Angus, Harry; Rest of class (I think) on Red Book – Week 2 Thurs.  Students to be given max 10-15 mins; put up hands for help; Liz to work with Tom and Week 1 group; then mark together using red pen.  Write in answers if work not finished; scores and set goals for next time.  [We are trying to get this as a quick mental maths activity with a cut-off time even if not finished to build up their stamina.] Then move onto class Maths activity for the day (below).

  • MATHS – Today you will be working with Money and counting Australian coins and exchanging coins.  [Try to get a selection of money (coins) from Kingsley Iddon before school to use as concrete materials)  Talk about Australian coins (students have researched coin heads…recently) and their relative values.  Click here for website to manipulate coins COIN EXCHANGES then students to complete the following worksheet. coins sheet and challenge sheet for fast finishers Work out the Number Challenge



  • INQUIRY GROUPS: You will see these on the little whiteboard and I introduced students to the activities yesterday.  They drew up their legend for the mapwork; and homework was to research logos/emblems for designers; brands, footy and sports clubs, clothes, foods.

  • Download THE PLANNER INQUIRY PLANNER and you will see the activities in detail for immersion tasks #1, #2, #3, #4.  The whiteboard has the groups allocated to each task for today.  Tomorrow I will rotate the groups to the next activity so today each group will only take on 1 task for the day.  (Liz to work with Koalas on activity #4 today)  Teacher to work with #1 activity.  Sheets are photocopied and laminated copies on teacher’s desk near window. 


  • YELLOW READING BOX – second session.  Kobi, Kohan, Tom and Matty to go on Reading Eggs on computer.  I will send their usernames and passwords by e-mail to Mr. Madden.  (students to fetch box from Room T6 Mrs Tomlinson).  Booklets are in grey pigeonholes at windown at teacher’s desk.  They say: Reading Box Booklet.

  • Have a great day together and work hard everybody!  See you all tomorrow..  🙂 Mrs Veary

Meeting Coach Cash

A few weeks ago we met Coach Cash. Coach Cash was talking about saving your money but also spending some on you.

We learnt a rhyme to help us save money.

This is the rhyme:

Spend some on you and save some too!

That rhyme is to do with your pocket money.

 We did some activities as well:

  1. We had to save up $100 in 10 weeks by doing chores for Coach Cash.

  2. We had to listen to the time travelling whistle which was going back into the Middle Ages and seeing what money was like then.

  3. We also learnt about the internet and how the bank and an ATM use the internet. Archie and Dane volunteered to help out in this one.

  4. We did Money Olympics by getting split into groups and using our money well.

I loved it and I think we all learnt a lot.

Did we learn a lot?


On Friday our room was transformed into a shopping mall.  Students set up their shops ready for business at the start of the day.  We had everything from cars to robots, clever crafts to Beanie Kids, books to bangles, bags and soft toys on sale.  Business was brisk and students found out that it’s important to be able to use maths in real life to make sure to pay with the right coins and receive the correct change. Enterprising retailers slashed their prices to half price and “buy one – get one free” as the final minutes of trading ticked by.  Some students set up raffles and were amazed by the money they raised.  But most of all – we all had SO MUCH FUN using our classroom money in real life maths!! 

I was just so impressed with all of you on Friday – you went to a lot of trouble preparing for our shop and there was such a spirit of fun and co-operation in the room.  Well done, everybody!! 

 🙂 Mrs Veary