Our Talented Musician!

Wow!  Emillie really impressed us with her guitar skills during her news session last week.  She has been playing the guitar since she was four years old and we enjoyed listening to her play and sing “Riptide” smoothly and confidently.  Great job, Emillie!  Enjoy listening to her on this video clip and post a positive comment for her. Mrs Veary 🙂


1842425-Illustration-of-a-Boy-swimming-Stock-Vector-swimming-cartoon-kidsI hope everybody had a lovely relaxing weekend in this glorious weather as we have a very busy couple of weeks ahead.  🙂

Just a quick reminder that our class will going to the pool for swimming lessons from Monday!  We will have two weeks of lessons and this week we will be leaving school and swimming from 1:20 pm to 2:30 p.m.  🙂

We hope to have Book Club straight after returning to school as we will miss it next week.

We also have our Middle Cell Faction Sports Carnival this Friday in the morning – check your notes for times and get your support gear ready!!

Mrs Veary boy-girl-ready-to-swim-funny-cartoon-vector-isolated-sport-characters-32507367

Sam and the Ostrich Egg

Sam brought in his ostrich egg for news this morning and he found out lots of interesting facts about ostriches to tell us.

IMG_5396 (Small)


They can weigh up to 145 kgs, as much as adults.

A male can get up to 2.8m tall and can live up to 45 years.  The dad looks after the eggs.

They have three stomachs and come from Africa.

They can run as fast as 50kms per hour.

Hermit Visitors – Christian and Kristy!

Tay wrote about the special visitors she brought in last week.

IMG_3672 (Small)

On Wednesday I brought in my hermit crabs called Christian and Kristy for my news.  They eat crushed up cornflakes and cereal.  It is great having a pet hermit crab.  You have to have a fish tank with pebbles in it to keep them in.

IMG_3673 (Small)
Fact: when they get too big, they need to find a new shell and go into it.

Great job, Tay!  🙂

Keira and Syd

Keira brought her puppy, Syd, in for news recently.  She wrote this to tell us a bit more about him.

This is my puppy (Syd). He is 12 weeks old. His birthday is the 26th of November 2013. He is crossed between a Maltese and a Shihtzu. We got him in Busselton on Australia Day from a breeder. He likes to attack our cat and he is very playful.  Life expectancy for the Maltese is 14 to 15 years and for the Shihtzu is 13 to 14 years. The kids were really excited to meet him.
IMG_3122 (Small)The class loved your news and cuddles with Syd!

Mrs Veary

News Roster

You guys rock!  I am so pleased with the way everybody is working and taking so much care and effort.  You really did well working independently in reading today!!

This is the NEWS ROSTER in case people forget which day is their news day.  Remember to prepare what you are going to share: Who? When? Where? What? Why?/How? and Feelings.      REMINDER: Library is on Wednesdays!

News Roster 2011


Don’t forget it’s our Room 6 and 7 Assembly this Tuesday morning (2 March 2010)!  Make sure you arrive at school early so that we can be sitting down in the Undercover Area before the rest of the school arrive.  You were fantastic at our practice on Friday and after our assembly on Tuesday, you will certainly have earned $1.00 each 🙂

I hope everybody is having a lovely long weekend and we hope to see lots of parents on Tuesday! 

We hope you are feeling better and can come back to school soon, Callum.  We were sorry to hear about your injury 🙁

A large number of people got ten out of ten for their spelling test on Friday – WELL DONE!   You will do your pre-test on Tuesday and make up a new word list again this week.  I am still looking for the last Spelling Contracts to be handed in on Tuesday!

Mrs. Veary


We just had our assembly on Monday.  On the same day we started swimming and it was Tom’s birthday.  Our new inquiry is Structures.  We wish you could have seen our assembly.  We made postcards and passports for virtual travel to famous structures around the world.  Are there any famous structures in Bali or Indonesia?

Listen to our podcast and find out about our weekly news.  You can make comments after it too.  You will hear about our 350 the school made on the oval using kids (every single person in the school).

Tell us about your school.  How big is your school?  Tell us about your friends there.  What is your teacher’s name?  Do you have assemblies at your school?  Do you have a smartboard in your room?  What does your classroom look like?

Send us your replies soon and we can chat in the comments under this post.


All your friends in Room 6

and Mrs. Veary 😎