People and Places – Different but just the same!

We read this book earlier in the year, for Harmony Day.  Looking back through this book helps us to remember that people from different places might look different, have different languages and religions, might eat and dress differently, but that all people all over the world are similar. So in Geography, we need to remember that ALL PEOPLE have their own connections to their special places, just like us.

You have just made a jigsaw map of Australia and its neighbouring countries. The people in these neighbouring countries are different from us, just like the people in this story. We will be finding out more about their lives soon when we research different countries.

Try to remember the names of the 9 neighbouring countries!!……? (a challenge!)

Mrs Veary  😎

My Place Aboriginal Dot Paintings

Great job, everybody!  Ange really inspired you as artists to create your own dot paintings to represent “My Place” for each person.  Now you know more about the connection indigenous people have with the land and their belonging to it – and how they show it  bird’s eye view  using a stick from the bush they have prepared themselves.  What a lot of learning we did that day!

Thanks, Ange!  😎

Indigenous Australians have a real sense of Place!

As we explored the idea of people and places being connected in our new inquiry we looked at how Aboriginal people are very connected to the land.  They welcome people to country, include aerial views of the land in their artwork and tell stories which usually include landforms! 

As we explored this idea, we created artworks using traditional icons and symbols to illustrate the stories we wrote about “the place in the picture”.  Here is William’s artwork and story.


Great job, William!  You put a great deal of care and thought into this creating this artwork with all the dot painting – and typing up your story.  A very professional result!

Mrs Veary 😎