Planet Sizes

You need to watch these videos and compare the sizes of different planets to Earth.  There are two videos so after you have watched both of them, use the one you find easier to locate the information from…



Then, on your worksheet, draw in the planets in the order of their size from SMALLEST to BIGGEST.  Write in any facts you found out about each planet too.  (For example, how big it is….)

These amazing videos also show the size of different stars in our galaxy. There are some very interesting stars sand if you finish in time, you can research and find out more  about what these stars.

Write a comment to let me know any interesting facts you have found out.

Mrs Veary 😎

Comparing the Sizes of the Planets

Inquiry Groups this week – we are finding out about Planet Earth.

COMPUTER – For this activity you need to watch the video below to see how big the planets are to put them in order on your sheet.

This video compares the sizes of planets in our universe to EARTH.

This video compares the size of planets in our universe

After watching this slideshare presentation, you should be able to compare the sizes of the planets on your worksheet.