In Writing today we are going to be looking at descriptive writing.

This means writing in a way that allows the reader to picture exactly what you are describing.  You will be using words to paint a picture for your reader.  This means that you need to choose your words carefully and use lots of really good adjectives (describing words).

Today you will be writing a POEM about your house!  You will need to use adjectives and similes to describe your very own house.  There is a special way to write these poems, so use your planner and try and make your poem really original!

This is how you will be writing your descriptive poems about their own homes.  The first line describes what it looks like, the second how it makes  you feel, the third the sounds you can hear there, the fourth what smells you notice and the last line is a statement about your home.  

Example: [Notice that poems have lines,  NOT SENTENCES, so you start a new line and don’t continue along the same line as a sentence would!

My house looks like…. or My house is …

To create a really good picture for your reader, you will also need to use some similes in your description.  A simile compares your alien to something that we can all picture.  It uses the words like….. or as…

Eg. “My house feels as hot as the furnace of the sun during summer.”

Here are some posters about similes to get your imagination going.  🙂


dog simile


frog simile


You all have such good imaginations that I’m sure you are going to and write amazing poems using lots of descriptive  writing today!

Mrs Veary 🙂


Click on this website to enjoy poetry. POEMS FOR FUN  This is what poems look like.  Make sure that you know how to write a poem instead of a paragraph.


Mary had a little lamb

It’s fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went

The lamb was sure to go.   🙂



Mary lived on a farm.  Her father was a sheep farmer.  Mary had a pet lamb each year that she looked after. Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.


Looking forward to reading your great poems about your own houses.

Mrs Veary 🙂


Wow – what a Class Holiday Memories Poem!

Wow!  You guys all have such rich holiday memories.  I love the way you have worked hard to create holiday memory sentences with SPECIFIC DETAILS that engage your reader and share your feelings during each experience!  Great job!  Now sit back and enjoy the full poem we have created as a class!  🙂

Our group of Room 6 students
had a really great holiday
they went places, did things
and all have lots to say:

Mrs Veary stood
ankle deep in the water
and handfed a dolphin
called Piccolo,
Charlie felt like a real cook
roasting marshmellows golden-brown
on the campfire near the shed,
Meg was terrified zooming around those tilting tracks
on Big Thunder Mountain Rollercoaster
in Disneyland Paris –
with her hair sticking out on end,
Jay celebrated
with his whole entire soccer team
playing hide-and-seek chasey
at the Colonial,
Cassidy was ecstatic
with the dancing and music
in the live show “Alladin”
at the Casino in Perth,
Ivy ate the Biggest Pink French Macaroon
she had ever set her eyes on
under the Eiffel Tower
with a French sun
shining over her,
Heidi very nervously
fed Rex the horse a carrot treat
out in the far paddock,
Felix toasted marshmallows
till they burnt black
at a friend’s fire on Saturday night,
Sid was so excited
with his red soccerball from his stepdad
for coming seventeeth
in the Cross-Country,
Tilly saw the red dirt and felt the dry heat
of the Pilbara
when she explored
her Dad’s worksite,
Jai cooked
big fluffy pancakes
with his dad,
Ayla collected shells and a dried out starfish
along a beach up North
to create a beautiful picture frame,
Jenna caught seven blue swimmer crabs
while living right on the beach
at Mandurah,
Dominic curled up inside
his green and red dinosaur sleeping bag
when he went camping
with his dad,
Nicholas excitedly bought
a new Nintendo 3dx XL
and set it up ready to go
as soon as his Mum got home,
Kye L. couldn’t even lift up his head
when he went on the Graviton
at Waroona Show
because it felt like a powerful magnet,
Charli went crabbing with a long smelly net
which she had to pull up so quickly
while hanging over
the side of the big jetty, and
Oscar surfed spectacularly
down a steep sand dune
at the Rivermouth.

Written with care and imagination
by the students of Room 6!


Today we are going to learn how to write a CINQAIN POEM about an Australian animal.

Here are some more examples of cinqain poems.

Now it’s time to create our own cinqain poems. Let’s try to create VIVID VERBS for the actions of our animals.  For example, instead of running we could say: lopes, bounds, scampers, sprints, scuttles…

Remember to look back at the rules for writing a cinqain poem at the top of this post 🙂

I look forward to reading your poems!


We will be listening to some famous poems and songs about Australia.  You will need to read and listen to the words very carefully and try to picture what they say in your head.  We will be singing the first song ourselves and trying to picture what the “First Australians” thought when they saw the tall ships arrive by sea.

1. “I am Australian” – music video of the song

2. MY COUNTRY – a poem by Dorothea McKellar

We will be learning this poem and trying to recite it ourselves.  You need to look out for all the describing words (adjectives) and we will be drawing pictures to illustrate each line of this poem.  Enjoy!  🙂

Looking at the describing words she uses, you are now going to illustrate her famous first verse of this poem.

Mrs Veary 😎



You have done a fabulous job writing your CASTLE acrostic poems!  You had to use adjectives, alliteration and for above expected, at least one simile (comparison using like… or as…as ).  Enjoy reading them and sharing them with your parents in this flipbook.  Write a comment below to compliment someone for something special you liked in his or her poem.  🙂 Mrs Veary

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