DIWALI is the Indian Festival of Lights. This year it was held on Saturday 14th November.

Click on ALL ABOUT DIWALI to read about Diwali to find the answers in your Diwali booklet.



Then scroll down or click here to read THE STORY OF DIWALI to find out why it’s the festival of lights.  You have a printout in your booklet of one of the pictures.  You need to write the part of the story which goes with it on the lined paper with the picture.

At Diwali, Hindus draw bright Rangoli patterns to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their homes.

After completing your booklet rangoli patterns, you can download and colour in one of these rangoli designs.



This video shows a really clever way of drawing a lotus flower RANGOLI pattern.

You can read about rangoli at these websites which show the RANGOLI flower designs.




We celebrated our learning about Diwali on Friday with a hands-on day cooking Diwali sweets and learning how to make Rangoli welcome patterns.  Nimi (Dharti’s Mum) came in to show us photos and talk to us about Diwali.  She was amazing drawing the Rangoli flower pattern outside the library door with rice flour and then we helped her fill in the colours with coloured rice grains.  It looked beautiful!  She showed us how to cook Chocolate Ladoo.  We rolled them in coconut and they were delicious!  We would like to thank Nimi very much for all her time and patience.  She put SO much effort into preparing for the day, colouring the rice and making ground rice for our Rangolis and organising the recipes and helping us to cook!  We really appreciate your coming in to share your knowledge of Diwali with us, Nimi!! THANK YOU, NIMI  🙂