Congratulations to everybody for being responsible with Take-Home Reading!  I gave out the first few reading certificates on Monday and you will be receiving a certificate from me for every 25 nights reading.  That means: 25, 50, 75 etc.

Even if you are not at school, you should be reading every day to improve your ideas for writing, your spelling and vocabulary and of course, to improve your fluency (being able to read smoothly and with expression).  So – the one thing you can all do anywhere – is READ!  😎

Mrs Veary  😎

Book Club!

This week will be Book Club #4!  Thank you to all our parents who are giving up their time to come in each week to lead students through book discussions.  Here are some photos of our sharing session at the end of Book Club.

Great work everybody!  You are learning to read with FLUENCY and expression and how to INFER MEANING!  These skills are really important when reading for meaning in Year 3!

Classroom Jobs and Library

You are doing a FABULOUS job – keeping our classroom looking neat and tidy and well organised, Trinity.  Great that you now have Nicholas to help you.  Well done and thank you both!

Remember how we had to go to the Library on a Friday to change our books and read….read….read?   but now you go to LIBRARY/MEDIA every week on a THURSDAY morning so you can read, borrow books and learn digital skills.  I look forward to seeing everybody using their one-drives to write in our room too.

I love the way you all enjoy reading!

Don’t forget to bring your books back on THURSDAYS! and remember to BORROW, BORROW, BORROW!



APPLES discussing their book and making predictions.

Wow!  Mondays are so much fun with Book Club to end the day!  I heard so many good readers and such good discussions as I moved around the different groups this week.

ORANGES contributed actively to the discussion.

Book Club is where you all get to climb inside the writer’s head and look at Who? What? Where? Why? When? and How? things happen in the text.

BANANAS had a good session and were able to SUMMARISE the text well.

Your team leaders have been doing a terrific job helping you to explore RIGHT THERE questions, THINK AND SEARCH questions and ON YOUR OWN questions to make meaning of what you are reading.

PEARS were very thoughtful as they talked about their text this week!

GRAPES are reading some challenging texts and they loved the spies this week.

Every single student was engaged in their learning and for that I thank our wonderful parent volunteers who have been coming in each week! Your help and support has made an enormous difference to us in Room 6 so thank you for your time and your caring and helpful personalities!  🙂

I particularly LOVE the way all of you are able to share with the whole class some of the READING STRATEGIES you have used and we are all able to celebrate your hard work in Book Club during these final minutes each week!  Here you are, sharing the summarising strategy…

Mrs Veary and Room 6


This week’s MERIT CERTIFICATE went to …..JOSIE!!!

for always being a friendly, helpful student and for your great computer skills using the Smartboard.  You are a star!

img_6502-smallI have been SO IMPRESSED by the reading all of you have been doing.  Today I gave out Reading Certificates for home reading and it was wonderful to see so many of you reading for over 100 nights!   We had some 125, 150, 175 and even…..200 nights!!  You guys rock!  🙂

img_6504-small(Oh No!   What did that reading do to all of you……?)

Remember, the more you read:

  • the more words you learn to read and new words you put into your computer brains  (vocabulary)
  • the better you get at recognising the correct spelling of words
  • the more ideas you get for when you want to write a story
  • the better you get at reading!

(Phew!   That’s better!)

img_6503-smallOnly one more term of reading, so make sure you read EVERY night to get the highest reading record you can for the year!

Mrs Veary  😎

Rewards for Reading, Reading and Reading!!!

Congratulations to ALL our wonderful readers in Room 6!   Today was awesome being able to give out all the reading certificates – all the way up to 150 nights reading!!!  You are a really hardworking and responsible group of individuals – WOW!   How lucky are we to be together in Room 6 with such great learners!  🙂

IMG_5735 (Small)although… I’m not sure about this ‘funny face photo’ below….

IMG_5738 (Small)

WHAT!!!! Did I REALLY read that much???

By the way, we’ve got certificates waiting here for Ebony, Kyron and Seb too…..! (and you received yours last week, Kayne)  Well done!    🙂


Listen to Mem Fox reading her story – POSSUM MAGIC.

While you are listening, you need to watch out for the capital cities and states and territories we marked on our maps of Australia. You will be matching the foods Hush and Grandma Poss try to each of these cities – so keep listening really well. [You may also notice some special buildings or icons in these cities….]