What a great job you did on your first S.O.L.E. research task!

Great teamwork and you really used each other’s strengths to help the group.  There were a few people who just needed a little help to get on track, then they found out heaps.  Good work!

I loved the way you showed me all the skills you’ve learnt about searching for information, finding keywords, and how to find and print images.

Just look at the fabulous results!  Your posters are magnificent!!! Good work sharing the job of presenting too.  Now that we’ve been to Erth’s Prehistoric World, we can certainly see how our mega-fauna fit into the timeline.


SOLE QUESTION – Australian Mega Fauna

This afternoon we are going to do some SOLE work for Inquiry.  You will be working in





Your SOLE question is:

What were Australia’s megafauna and how do they compare with today’s Australian animals?

You will be working in groups (which you can choose to join or leave) where each person has to do equal work.  You will have 60 minutes to research the question, write notes, create a poster with your key information on it and then present what you have found out to the class.

Use the strengths within your group.  Give out jobs.  Eg. ….. is a good artist so he/she will design the poster and do the artwork.  ….. is a good reader so he/she will read out what is on the website so we can all understand the main ideas.   Then we will all decide what the main facts are and ………….. will write them down as notes because… a good writer.

Have fun learning something new and unusual about Australian animals in your SOLE session today!

This will introduce animals you will possibly meet when we go on our excursion on Wednesday to Erth’s Prehistoric World!  🙂

Mrs Veary 😎