Science – Strong Structures

Today we learned about shapes which make structures strong.  This is important SCIENCE and we will be talking about what made it a “Fair Test” tomorrow.  Great teamwork today and we certainly proved that triangles are much stronger than squares – even when they are 3D cubes!

All those bits of pasta and marshmellows!

First we tested how strong the triangle and square shapes were.

Then we built the 3D cube and triangular pyramid.  We tested how strong they were and found that the pyramid stood strong but the cube twisted and collapsed!


Then we made them stronger but adding more pasta to create more triangles!


Congratulations on how well you worked on doing your writing today and yesterday! Every week we will be writing a retell so that you get better and better at it, and you will also become faster and faster at writing. 🙂

Today you made a good start at your finding out about a famous structure. Look at you all – working so hard! Tomorrow we will finish and then start making our Information Posters. Great job, people!

Mrs Veary

All About Bridges – Structures Inquiry

This week we are going to be finding out about Bridges.  These structures are used all over the world and are made from many different materials.  We will be investigating why different bridges are used and what materials make them strong or flexible.

Computer group – click on BUILDING BIG – go to BRIDGE BASICS to find out about different types of bridges and write your notes into your worksheet.

Desk group – you will be reading an information book about different types of bridges and what makes them strong.

Teacher group – you will be researching the different materials used to build bridges.  You will need your information book (Reading Safari) and your worksheet.


SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE – click here and read about our famous Australian bridge.  It turned 80 in 2012.  We will be making a timeline of the building of this bridge.

Listen to this story then answer the questions on your worksheet.  What kind of bridge did the troll live under?


Venice – a city built on water

Teacher group will be looking at VENICE and the buildings there.  They have been built in a special way because of all the water. This video clip will introduce you to what Venice looks like with all the canals (rivers of water).

For your own interest you can watch this video clip of a personal tour of Venice down the Main Canal. Notice the houses and what they are made from and their many grand designs. And of course, you will see some of the important bridges!


You will each have a passport to explore the world on your tour of famous modern structures across the world.

For each country you visit you will need to:

  • Stick in a map of the country

  • Use an ATLAS to mark in the capital of that country and the city where you will find your famous structure.

  • Colour in the National Flag for that country, after researching the correct colours.  Then stick it in.

  • Research important information about that country that you will need to know if you are travelling there.  You will find helpful headings on your passport.

  • Research the famous structure you have travelled to see in that country.  You will find that information in the flipbook below or in a saved folder called Structures and Buildings Powerpoint on the desktop which you can open.

  • Look carefully at pictures of each famous structure in books and the flipbook or powerpoint.  Then draw a picture into your touring passport.

There is also a helpful map at the top of this blog called “Useful Maps” with more information underneath when you click on a city.  It will show you which country it is in and give some interesting facts about famous structures there.

You will be visiting 9 countries to see 11 different famous structures.  Enjoy your world tour. :)

As you go along, visit this post to make comments about the things you find out and the things you would like to find out.  I look forward to reading lots of comments….

Mrs Veary 😎