We will be listening to the Three Little Pigs fairytale.  Then we will watch these two video clips telling the story of the Three Little Pigs in two different ways.  Listen carefully to remember the order of events and what exactly is the problem in the story?

  1. ORIGINAL THREE LITTLE PIGS STORY – this is the first of our stories.  (notice that story becomes stories)
  2. [THE THREE LITTLE PIGS – TRADITIONAL STORY – This is an extra you can read after we’ve heard all three versions.]
  3. Now we will be watching two other versions of the story.  I wonder which one of the three will be your favourite?
  4. Silly Symphony – The Three Little Pigs Story

Kermit and The Three Little Pigs

You will be writing your own ending for the story.  Get those imaginations working….. Mrs Veary 🙂

Three Little Pigs Stories

This page has your Show Me Three Little Pigs Stories.  Great job everybody!  I loved your creative imaginations!  (even if some of them were a little gorey!)  Mrs Veary  🙂

Alfie’s Story

Keiley’s story

Reid and Amahre













This week in our Structures Inquiry we will be looking at building materials. After listening to Story Nory’s “The Three Little Pigs”, watch these two videos. Compare two versions of this story using your Venn Diagram.

STORY NORY – LISTEN TO THE STORY BEING READ TO YOU (this is the original fairytale)

Silly Symphony – The Three Little Pigs’ Story  (A Walt Disney Musical)

Kermit and The Three Little Pigs     (A News Report on Television)

Later, we will be writing your own ending to the original story of the three little pigs.  You can be as creative as you like, but it must still be written in a way that shows it belongs to the story.  But TODAY you need to do the PMI using the information below.  🙂



Builders use different building materials because of their different properties.  Some of these properties are:

  • STRENGTH   – some materials are stronger than others

  • INSULATION – some materials keep out the heat in summer and keep you warm in winter

  • APPEARANCE – some materials look better to the eye  (colour, shiny, glossy, smooth…)

  •  EASY TO USE – some materials can be cut, bent or shaped more easily than others

  • COST – some materials are cheaper or better value while others are very expensive

  • FIRE RATING – some materials are not as flammable as other materials

So, today the question is:

Why did the Three Little Pigs choose such different materials to build their houses? 

You will be using a P.M.I. (Plus, Minus and Interesting or Ideas) Chart to organise your ideas.  Have fun thinking today!  😎

When you have finished your P.M.I. you have an opportunity to choose crazy, humorous adjectives (describing words) to write your own version of the story called “The Microscopic Pigs”. 😆