HERO AWARD EXPOSITIONS (Persuasive Arguments)

You guys rock!  🙂  I was really impressed with your expositions last week.  You used:

  • paragraphs

  • a great introduction

  • 3 good reasons AND good examples to explain EACH reason

  • a good conclusion (where you reminded the reader that they should agree with you)

  • AND VERY IMPORTANTLY – you used CONVINCING words!!! 😎

Listen to some of our students’ reading their expositions and see if they can convince you to give their Hero the award!

This is the writing NAPLAN task from last year.

1. Alana
Click here to listen  

2. Ruby
Click here to listen  

3. Oliver
Click here to listen  

4. Lazane
Click here to listen  

5. Georgie
Click here to listen  

Don’t forget that it is “Trash and Treasure Shop” tomorrow morning – Friday.   A great opportunity to practise paying with classroom money and giving change.  🙂  Mrs Veary


Today we are going to be using describing words in our writing.  Watch this YouTube clip of Animalia by Graeme Base to get some ideas of ALLITERATION (when the words start with the same sound… and roll off your tongue smoothly!).  

We will be describing a CASTLE in an ACROSTIC POEM.  Try to use as many good adjectives as you can and a SIMILE.  (comparing it to something else – EXAMPLE – …like a …. OR as ….as)