1.  NICK –  Understanding Autism in the classroom

This little video explains clearly how autism can make students feel different and how other students can learn to understand how the world looks and feels for autistic children.

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2.  FEELINGS – by Dr. Zeuss

This is a video of the book by Dr. Zeuss about feelings.  It shows how we can all have different feelings on different days and that’s okay!  🙂  The trick is learning to recognise how we are feeling at different times.


3.  HAVE YOU FILLED A BUCKET TODAY teaches us how to look after other people’s feelings while making ourselves feel better too.



3.  RELAXATION – Star Wars Yoga – Lightsaber Ready/ Warrior Pose

This video shows how to do the Warrior Pose.

4. RELAXATION – Star Wars Yoga – REY’s POLE or Triangle Pose
When watching this video, students need to imagine that their arms are Rey’s pole.

5. CHEWBACA SOUND – listen here to make the sound when you breathe out

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