On this page parents, you will find information about your child’s homework, classroom notices and general information about upcoming events or inquiry topics we are investigating in class.

Look at the Recent Posts heading to see if there are any new posts here.  I hope that this blog is a handy communication tool for all of us and feel free to respond under ‘comments’.  Use your child’s username with “dad” or ‘mum’ added to the end, for identification.

HOMEWORK REQUIREMENTS:  DAILY HOME READING – Your child needs to read every day for about 10 minutes to improve reading skills and foster a lifelong habit.  The book title needs to be recorded in his/her take-home reading folder and signed by you daily.  Each morning your child will need to show the signed folder to me.  Please encourage your child to take responsibility for this daily task.

SPELLING – Your child will bring home a new list of twenty personal spelling words to learn each fortnight.  He/she needs to practise writing and spelling these words and will be tested in class at the end of each fortnight.  The general class spelling list for the fortnight will be posted on this blog under SPELLING LISTS and your child will have been tested on this list to develop his/her own spelling words.  I will try to put a Look, Cover, Write, Check website link up under Blogroll for your assistance.

MATHS – Students will bring home a sheet showing skip-counting skills we want to consolidate this term which will help with mental computation skills.  He/she needs to practise regularly until these skills become quick and automatic.   Concentrate on one counting pattern at a time.  I will be adding some Maths web links later under Blogroll for those parents who would like their child to practise skills through web-based Maths games.

Remember, showing interest in your child’s learning and homework routine shows him/her that you value their learning. 

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  1. brodiemum says:

    How FANTASTIC was your assembly !!!
    You have all obviously practised lots and lots.
    It was so great to see all the different costumes and I really enjoyed looking through Brodie’s work.
    I especially loved the Animal Quiz on the computer (except the snake puictures!!)
    Well done – keep up the great work.

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