What an amazing job you all did with your investigations into materials changing shape from liquid to solid and solid to liquid.  Thank you for your responsible attitude and for take so much care to do a good job and reflect that in your posters.  We all enjoyed the presentations.

Ms Angell and Mr Thomas were super impressed when they came to help us celebrate your great work!  Well done, everybody!

Showing our Powerpoints on the Computers

Mrs Veary 🙂


What a great effort by everybody on your Lego Challenge.  You had to build something which showed the link between your significant person and our local community.  I think you can clearly see what you chose to build in these photos.

Great teamwork, even when it didn’t go the way you wanted it to!  That’s what members of a team do – they are flexible and they share ideas and the work.  Great job, people! 🙂

Mrs Veary

Work for Wednesday

Good morning, Ms Liz.  🙂

The work for the day is on the whiteboard.  You will find most of the worksheets on the front of my desk.

Please DO NOT continue with the Science Presentations today.  I am sorry, people, but we will have to wait until Thursday to finish the presentations so that I can assess them. They have been of a very high standard and I am really enjoying hearing you present what you found out as scientists!  😎

Instead of SCIENCE presentations, Ms Liz can have a look under my hat on my desk (right-hand side) and she will find your sheet of graph paper (little squares) with your Name Banners.  You can colour these in and then stick them onto card to hang up in the room.


[Ms Liz – Groups handed in their Action Planners yesterday with their “Families of Margaret River” booklets.  They are on my desk under the window.  You will also find the T-Charts there.  Please note: we were short by 5 booklets yesterday. Please could you copy 5 more for those who did not get one.  Thank you.   Also, the Maths sheets are there too, on the left-hand side.]

Well done, people!  Now you have your groups you are ready to start researching your significant person.  But first, you need to complete your ACTION PLANNERS.  Look at the images below to see how to go about this.

When you have completed your brainstorm of focus questions (ask Ms Liz what that means), you can ask for your T-Chart for your group and write into the back of your action planner who will be finding out what parts of the T-chart.

Then you can start finding out your part of the big question.  Use dot points when you write your information into the T-chart.  Start by finding out from your “Families of Margaret River” booklets.  Later you can research on the internet and look for images.

See you all tomorrow.


Mrs Veary