Problem Solving Strategies – Make a Table

Today we will be learning how to use a strategy – Make a Table – to solve a maths problem.

First we will be watching a video about this on iMaths website.

Then we will watch another example of how to use this strategy in this video before we do our own solving.

Try solving this problem using a similar table.

The Problem

Mick and Aria have agreed to work for a week for their Mum over the holidays. The pay they get will vary. Aria will get $10 for the first day she works and two more dollars for every day she works after that. Mick will get $1 for the first day he works, but for each day he works from then on, his pay will be doubled.

Who would you rather be and why?

Use a Table to show how to work out how much each child will earn each day.  Then add them to see how much each child will earn for the whole 7 days.