This story is about all the terrible, horrible, no good things that happen to this boy. As you listen (sorry about the American accent), think about what kind of problems he is having. How could we categorise them (put them into groups of similar kinds of problems) from Alexander’s point of view.

After listening and thinking about the kinds of problems he has, let’s try to work out what Alexander COULD HAVE DONE or how he COULD HAVE ACTED in each situation if he had looked for the good bit each time something bad happened. For example: When he didn’t get a toy in his cereal pack, he could have said, “Maybe I’ll get one next time.” When he mucked up his father’s office he could have said, “I’ll remember next time to be more careful”.

Being a POSITIVE TRACKER or LOOKING ON THE BRIGHT SIDE helps us to remember that bad times don’t last. Things can change and eventually will get better.


even if you can’t change what has happened, you CAN change how you feel about it.

The Kitchen Garden

 Sasha wrote about our visit down to the kitchen garden.  Great job, Sasha!

On Thursday 24th May 2012 Room 6 went down to the kitchen garden and the kitchen. We are the first Year 3 class to be able to visit the garden and will be able to use the new kitchen later in the year.

On our visit we learnt some amazing facts about the kitchen garden.

These are the facts that Room 6 learnt:

1. The kitchen garden grows winter, summer autumn and spring produce.
2. You can make new strawberry plants out of the bottom of a strawberry plant.

3. Worms turn scraps of food into good nutrients for the garden.
4. A compost lasagna is called a compost lasagna because it has lots and lots of layers like a lasagna.

We all enjoyed our visit to the garden, learnt lots of new things and hope we can visit again soon.