On Saturday it was my Development Basketball day. I was so pumped to start playing, but it was bad because we had to start our first game at 7:30 in the morning!

First we versed Bussselton. The score was amazing.  It was 2 – 34.  We won that game.  We had to wait three hours till the next game, which was boring.  We ate food and watched the other games till it was our turn.  When it was our turn, we versed Australind. We won that game too.  In game three we versed the hardest team that had never lost a game (just like us).  Sadly, we lost – but not by much.  The end score was 14 – 18.  We went into the pool and splashed around till our next game.

It was our semi-final.  We flogged them. The final score was 0 – 23!  We got into the grand final with Bunbury, the team we lost to in game three.  I stole the ball about three times and passed it to my team mates.  I was so excited because we won!!

That was the best day of my life.

Written by Rosie; Photos by Kelly family; Posted by Mrs Veary