Friday – Work for the Day

Today your work will be the same as I already had written up on the whiteboard for the day.  Most of the work and finishing off work is where it usually is, on the handing-in table under the whiteboard.  The Maths sheets and Earth booklets are on the blue cupboard next to it. 

For Spelling Contracts, do the next activity on your contract.  Please take home your orange booklets with spelling words and we will get extra words for our next list instead.  You need to learn your words for next Friday’s spelling test on List 4.  Work hard! 

When doing the Inquiry activity, you will need to watch the videos on the post below this that we didn’t get to see yesterday, showing the different sizes of the planets

You will also find the information you need to complete the last page of your Earth booklets on KIDCYBER – PLANET EARTH.  (Please try to finish all the work in your Earth booklets.)

Next week we need to work in our inquiry groups to find out all about Earth as our very own special planet, so you need to have ALL your other pieces of work FINISHED!

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