Big Question Thinking

As we come to the end of our Spinning in Space inquiry, we need to think about what we have learned about living on our amazing planet – Planet Earth!

What makes it the only known planet in our solar system with life on it? What are the special conditions on Earth that allow life to flourish?

What are the problems facing our planet and its environment?

What can each one of us do to protect our planet into the future?

To gather our thoughts, we will be writing down all our ideas in a PMI chart (Plus, Minus and Interesting or Ideas).  Then we can work out which problem to focus on to do some research before working out how we can help.

Here are some websites you can use for your research:

  1. 13 Incredibly Lucky Earth Facts website
  2.  What’s Climate Change? (for kids) website
  3. Global Goal #14 – Life Below Water facts
  4. Global Goal #15 – Life on Land facts
  5. Global Goal #15 – Life on Land infographic with ideas

Later we will be able to choose HOW we share what we have found out? and the SO WHAT can we do?  Remember Global Goals #14 and #15 are all about Life on Earth on the Land and on the Water.  

Mrs Veary 😎

Earth’s Atmosphere

We have been talking about just what makes Earth perfect for life?

Have a look at these videos about Earth’s atmosphere to see what’s really special about our planet.






I think we’ll all look at the weather in a different way now.  What did you find really interesting in these videos?

Mrs Veary 🙂


Read the facts on KIDCYBER – EARTH and answer the questions in your THE EARTH booklet – “Facts about Planet Earth”.

fast finishers – draw a diagram LOOKING INSIDE THE EARTH and label its parts.  (cross-section) 😎

Then you can have a look at some of the other posts with videos to get you thinking about how our wonderful planet works.  🙂

There is lots of interesting information on the Kidcyber website.  Click on SPACE on the left-hand side and explore some of the headings.  Let me know if you find anything you think is really interesting.

Mrs Veary

Minecraft Worlds Showing Environmental Threats to Planet Earth

Sajer and Jase created a Minecraft “three worlds in one” World to show us the environmental threats to Planet Earth.  They compared Earth in the past, the present and the future.  They did a fabulous job creating their world after they had done much research and deep thinking!  😎

Boys, you worked collaboratively the whole way to present a thoughtful piece of work.  Well done!  (Room 6 loved your work!)  You can watch it here.



Minecraft threats to Earth by Jase and Sajer from MRPS on Vimeo.

Friday – Work for the Day

Today your work will be the same as I already had written up on the whiteboard for the day.  Most of the work and finishing off work is where it usually is, on the handing-in table under the whiteboard.  The Maths sheets and Earth booklets are on the blue cupboard next to it. 

For Spelling Contracts, do the next activity on your contract.  Please take home your orange booklets with spelling words and we will get extra words for our next list instead.  You need to learn your words for next Friday’s spelling test on List 4.  Work hard! 

When doing the Inquiry activity, you will need to watch the videos on the post below this that we didn’t get to see yesterday, showing the different sizes of the planets

You will also find the information you need to complete the last page of your Earth booklets on KIDCYBER – PLANET EARTH.  (Please try to finish all the work in your Earth booklets.)

Next week we need to work in our inquiry groups to find out all about Earth as our very own special planet, so you need to have ALL your other pieces of work FINISHED!