Inquiry Skills – Silent Card Shuffle!

Working on our Celebrate Australia inquiry, you used great collaboration skills to work together to do your silent card shuffle on “Aussie Foods”.You were all able to sort the cards into groups and then follow the lead of Saffi’s group to work out categories to be able to sort the cards into an ordered system.  Well done!

Remember, learning can be fun and you actually did a lot of higher order thinking in this activity – while you were having fun!  😎


Learning Environment and Inquiry

What a fantastic group of learners you are!!!   You really showed off your finding out skills during our inquiry group work over the past two weeks.FINDING OUT comes after our IMMERSION stage in our inquiry – as you found out all about the symbols, emblems and flags which represent AUSTRALIA and WESTERN AUSTRALIA!  Great job, people!  😎I think the film makers were also SO impressed with the way in which you changed our learning environment to fit the job you were doing at the time!   It’s all about knowing what changes you need to make to learn best!  🙂

Spacecraft Constructions

Thank you to Izzy, Alana, Lazane and Millie for putting together the special effects to create this video clip showing off our wonderful spacecraft creations.  A huge thank you to all those parents who came in to help and shared their time and skills.

Hope everybody had a great time during the holidays and I look forward to seeing you all back at school tomorrow (Tuesday).  Enjoy the slideshow!   🙂 Mrs Veary

Spacecraft Creations from MRPS on Vimeo.

Friday – Work for the Day

Today your work will be the same as I already had written up on the whiteboard for the day.  Most of the work and finishing off work is where it usually is, on the handing-in table under the whiteboard.  The Maths sheets and Earth booklets are on the blue cupboard next to it. 

For Spelling Contracts, do the next activity on your contract.  Please take home your orange booklets with spelling words and we will get extra words for our next list instead.  You need to learn your words for next Friday’s spelling test on List 4.  Work hard! 

When doing the Inquiry activity, you will need to watch the videos on the post below this that we didn’t get to see yesterday, showing the different sizes of the planets

You will also find the information you need to complete the last page of your Earth booklets on KIDCYBER – PLANET EARTH.  (Please try to finish all the work in your Earth booklets.)

Next week we need to work in our inquiry groups to find out all about Earth as our very own special planet, so you need to have ALL your other pieces of work FINISHED!


I am so impressed with you, Ada and Sofia. (Sorry, Sofia – I’ve fixed the spelling).  I see you have been on Dolphinkids and you’ve been doing some fun Maths activities as well as thinking about our inquiry.  You both put up a good comments which show you are thinking about our inquiry.  Well done!  😎

I hope everybody is well and safe and look forward to seeing everybody tomorrow, Monday 28 November.   Remember to bring your swimming gear for swimming.  🙂

INQUIRY for Week 6

This week our rotating inquiry activities are:

Learning to Write an Information Report on Possums; Sorting the facts for Echnida and Frillneck Lizards and drawing them ;  getting our brains working with Thinkers Keys using the Reverse Key and the Ridiculous Key and sorting out which mammal/reptile/bird/marsupial/fish characteristics match each creature on your sheet.  These activities should use lots of your different SMARTS….!

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Story Maps for Willow the Wombat that you produce.

Work hard and learn much! 


Copy of Brain_Witelson

This week we will be learning all about the brain in our inquiry activities. 

Click on this link to read an on-line comic book about Sam’s Brain.  You need an up-to-date flash player on your computer at home. 

Inquiry groups this week will investigate the brain:      Computer: – Comparing brains in the powerpoint   Desk:- You will be colouring in the different parts of the brain and labelling them   Teacher:- You will be finding brain facts and writing KEYWORDS into your T-chart.  The extra facts can be found clicking on this link to Kids’ Health -The Brain  Thinkers’ Keys:- You will be using your Inquiry Book and drawing a plan first for the CONSTRUCTION KEY.  Then you can make your creation for brainfood.

FAST FINISHERS:- You can do the brain jigsaw (putting it together again and timing yourself);  you can do some of the Brain Mazes (from the easy one to the challenging mazes); wordsearches on body words

Next week we will be making a playdough model of our brain.  Try to remember the different parts of the brain and what each part does.