Sensational SOLE work!

Great work everybody!!!   You really stepped up and worked well under pressure yesterday in your groups.  I think everybody worked out that TEAMWORK is the most important thing for SOLE .  What great posters to show your new understandings of Children’s Day!


Congratulations to our three Room 6 Effort Award recipients: Harper, Catto and Savannah!  Harper also received the Year 3 Sport Award!


to everybody in Room 6 for your awesome attitude and effort towards your learning this year.  You have been a very special class and I will miss you.  Wishing you all the very best for Year 4!!

from Mrs Veary 😎


Girls’ Podcast #3 – with guest reporters: Darcie, Eden, Ivy and Lucy!

Our last podcast and both of our teams have done a fabulous job – and they have worked with our guest podcasters who have done such a good job too!  Well done!  🙂  Such great expression and clever news writing, girls!