My Out of This World Adventure – Writing Task

Today, as part of our little book about our aliens, we are going to write about an adventure we have with our alien friend.  You can choose what the adventure is, but it needs to be something ‘out of this world’.  Remember when you are writing that for a narrative you need to include:

  • setting – with some really good adjectives and similes to let your reader actually picture and feel what it is like to be there
  • characters – make sure that you give your characters personalities as well as telling us what they look like or what they do or say.  Try to use our Writer’s Circle strategy of show don’t tell (eg. She stamped her feet and beat her fists onto the table. instead of She was angry.)
  • complication (or problem) – which is what your story will be about as it will guide the events of your story
  • at least 3 events before
  • your resolution – where the problem or complication is solved
  • ending – which is the ribbon you tie around your story to bring it to a good end.

Here is some inspiration, but in this piece from the book the adventure is not with an alien like yours will be, but with a Big Friendly Giant!  (BFG by Roald Dahl)

or your alien might take you on a mystery flight where you discover great freedom or secret powers or understandings…like Harry Potter when he flies off with Buckbeak (look at the special effects for some ideas…how do his wings move….think of some really powerful verbs)

Have fun with your writing task and I look forward to reading and hearing all about your special out of this world adventure with your alien friend!

Mrs Veary