Big Question Thinking

As we come to the end of our Spinning in Space inquiry, we need to think about what we have learned about living on our amazing planet – Planet Earth!

What makes it the only known planet in our solar system with life on it? What are the special conditions on Earth that allow life to flourish?

What are the problems facing our planet and its environment?

What can each one of us do to protect our planet into the future?

To gather our thoughts, we will be writing down all our ideas in a PMI chart (Plus, Minus and Interesting or Ideas).  Then we can work out which problem to focus on to do some research before working out how we can help.

Here are some websites you can use for your research:

  1. 13 Incredibly Lucky Earth Facts website
  2.  What’s Climate Change? (for kids) website
  3. Global Goal #14 – Life Below Water facts
  4. Global Goal #15 – Life on Land facts
  5. Global Goal #15 – Life on Land infographic with ideas

Later we will be able to choose HOW we share what we have found out? and the SO WHAT can we do?  Remember Global Goals #14 and #15 are all about Life on Earth on the Land and on the Water.  

Mrs Veary 😎

“Greensleeves” Research by Inji

Inji researched this medieval song and found all the lyrics.  She asked Keira to play it for us on the piano so that we can all share the song and the tune.  Great job, Keira! 🙂

Here is a video clip of “Greensleeves” being played on a medieval instrument, the lute.  Tell us what you think of the sound in a comment.

A great collaboration and I’m sure Inji will tell us what she has learnt about this song and its history.  (Elliot, Amahre and Cate have also found the lyrics and can share what they have found us with us.)  Some interesting research, people!  🙂 Mrs Veary


We will be finishing our inquiry FAIRYTALES AND THE MIDDLE AGES over the next four weeks.  Inquiry tasks are to continue with your INQUIRY CARDS and try to get through all the levels of thinking.  The big challenge is to complete our BIG QUESTION: Compare the lives/lifestyle of Nobles and Peasants in the Middle Ages on our brand new wiki – GO KIDS, YOU ARE AMAZING STUDENTS!

Mrs. Veary 🙂