Writing Prompt

This morning we are going back to writing a narrative!  Using the prompt picture below, think about how to include that scene in your story.

You will be brainstorming ideas together in groups, then you will need to plan what your pebble, rock and boulder will be.  You will need to write a sizzling start, and make sure you have a long, strong tension scene. (You can use your 5+1 senses brainstorms here!) and you will end it with an exciting ending and character wrap-up.  So – a FULL STORY plan.

WHO?  Who are these characters? What are they saying?  How old is the girl? What do you think she is looking at?  Does the dog belong to her?  Is anyone else in the plane?

WHERE?   Where are they going?  How did they get there?  Will they succeed? What might happen to complicate their trip?

WHAT?  What could happen next?  What kind of plane is it?

WHEN?  When is the story set?  If this is an old historical plane, have they gone through a time portal?

WHY?  Why are they both wearing those hats and glasses? Why are they there anyway? Why are there no windows?

HOW?  How did they get there?  How are they feeling?  How do you think the story ends?

SIZZLING START: Try to start with dialogue today: “………”

These are some ideas for your brainstorm.  We will start in small groups with a whiteboard and you will need to brainstorm about 10 reasons why they are in a small old-fashioned plane.  Then we’ll share them and you can choose one to write your story about.  BRAINSTORM – WHAT COULD THIS STORY BE ABOUT?


Today we are going to start our first narrative (story).  Using the picture below, you need to imagine what might be going to happen, or perhaps why this is happening; what happens next? What could go wrong? Anything is possible – this is your story!  🙂

PROFESSOR PLUM  – click on the link for the image.





EVENTS – at least 3



We are going to learn how to use a piece of blank paper to plan each of these sections, so you will never have to have a planner from the teacher again.  🙂  Today we want to finish our PLANNING so that tomorrow we can start our DRAFT in our Draft Writing Books!

REMEMBER TO: 1. PLAN      2. WRITE YOUR FIRST DRAFT (Write like a writer)            3. PROOFREAD (Read it again, like a reader); 4, EDIT (make all the changes you can – spelling; adding details; changing words (vocabulary)); 5 PUBLISH (your good copy);         6. SHARE – read it to a peer or use the Author’s Chair to read it to the class.  🙂