Class Celebration on Tuesday

I am so excited to see what everybody comes as tomorrow.  I wonder which Australian animal you have chosen to dress up as?

I’ve worked on Kai and Cassidy’s movie this evening and it’s looking fabulous!!!  You will really enjoy watching it.  🙂

I hope you have told your parents how to use the Photobooth and that you all get a chance to take photos with your parents in it tomorrow.  Remember to save your photo strip into camera roll so that we can print them out later.

See you all in the morning!

Mrs Veary

SCIENCE – Branching Keys

Today in Science we are going to continue learning how Scientists classify animals.  Today’s lesson will show you how to use a Branching Key to identify different animals based on YES/NO questions.

This video gives you a similar understanding but they are calling it the Dichotomous Key (which means either yes or no key) to classify birds. They have used a table not a diagram to show the key’s answers.

Daily Workpad for Monday 3 September

Good morning everybody –

Sorry, but I won’t be in with you today and welcome to your relief teacher for the day.   Here is your work.

9-11  No assembly today

NEWS – students, show your relief teacher how you do news in pairs and how to ask you to: set the timer, come to the mat, “hand up, pair up” to select your partner then time you for the news 2 mins each person.  You can have 2 sessions today.

WRITING – Watch the second Dreaming Story on this blog/website by clicking on this link (or going to the 3 lines at the top of this page and selecting Dreamtime Stories).  After watching it you need to discuss the main ideas and the message of the story, with key words put up on the board.  Then you will be writing a retell of the story in your Dreamtime Journal (on my desk near the window).  Remember to give as much detail as possible of the main events in the story and message of the story.  Then you can draw a picture.  Hand in to the teacher when finished.

MATHS – Today you will be revising your subtraction strategies and understandings and doing that purple worksheet I have shown you (on my desk somewhere close to the window – A3).  Start with the 9.8 side and the other side is a challenge for early finishers…(Sid in particular).  Please mark your work together today.


11:30 to 12:55 – INQUIRY (Macqlit students go to Nickole until 12:20)  – students use Inquiry books.

You have this whole session to work on your Kahoot quiz.  Remember the process (see post below). First get your questions done (fact, question and 4 answers); then, show the teacher your draft to check your answers are: 1 correct, 1 nearly correct, 1 undecided, 1 wrong.  When you have teacher approval, you can create your Kahoot Quiz (remember how to do this….? see the video if you need to or ask Nicholas, Charlie, Sid…and use the login laminated sheets to get to our account).  Remember to put in all your questions and answers – then find images to match and save it with your names and the name of your animal.  Good luck 🙂


1:50 to 2:15  USSR or Spelling Contract (you will be handing them in this week).  Students have these in their spelling folders.

2:15 Pack up and off to Sport at 2:20

Hope you all have a really good day of learning.  See you tomorrow.

Dominic will have Bec for the first hour in the morning and they do literacy activities.  Coming back, Dominic can watch the video and please support him in his Journal to scribe his ideas (see framework) and he will then copy in the main sentence and draw.

Maths – If finished, Dominic can do Maths Seeds on the computer.

Inquiry – Talk to Bec as they are working on Crocodiles – and you may be able to get some questions going for the quiz (scribing).  Then Dominic can work on literacy activities in his Australian Animals folders – (ask Bec to show you them).

Mrs Veary 8:)