MY COUNTRY – by Dorothea McKellar

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We have some very talented kids in our classroom.  Click on the arrow to listen to them reading this famous poem about Australia.  🙂

My Country read by Cuba, Flynn and Sam

My Country read by Sofia and Rowel

My Country by Ben S. and Bo

My Country read by Kate, Mitchell and Mia

8 thoughts on “MY COUNTRY – by Dorothea McKellar

  1. Mr K says:

    Fantastic reading Room 6. That is one of my favourite poems as it describes Australia so well. I love visiting your class and seeing all the amazing work you are doing. Keep up the great work!

  2. Flynn's mum says:

    Loved listening to Cuba, Flynn and Sam reading about Australia! How special to hear this at home in the evening.
    We couldn’t get connected before Flynn went to sleep and he so wanted to make a comment so he could get a ‘block’. Hopefully he’ll get one anyway. Love your work Room 6
    Sorry, I didn’t get to approve this in time, so tomorrow morning Flynn will get his block. Glad you were able to enjoy it – don’t they sound great! Mrs Veary 🙂

  3. Flynn says:

    I love everything on the blog Mrs Veary. I actually wasn’t asleep yet, so I came out to write a comment. I did some more reading of Kaymon Beast Quest. See you in the morning. Flynn

    Flynn, I am so impressed with your choice of reading book! I also love fantasy books. You will have to get your 5c reward for this post and colour in one box in your blogging chart. Mrs Veary 😎 (I made a mistake about the block to your mum, remember it’s 5c)

  4. Caitie says:

    I like the fishy clock.Specially the WHITE POINTER. The tank looks really colourful with the coral in the background. 🙂 🙂

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