MATHS PATTERNS – Click and drag to finish these patterns

Then finish the patterns in your Space and Algebra Book – page 16 (Algebra page 1). 🙂

When you have finished that page, hand in your work and on a blank A4 piece of paper, draw your own bead necklace pattern.  MUST DO: your pattern must have at least 3 – 4 beads in the pattern.  Choose your own shapes and colours.  After you have shown it to the teacher, get a partner to solve your pattern.  😎

Persuasive Argument or Exposition

This year’s writing for NAPLAN is an exposition or persuasive argument.  We have been learning how to write an exposition.  The things we need to do are: 1. Introduction where we state our position on the topic; 2. separate paragraphs giving a point of view plus an example or evidence to back it up (1 – 3; Firstly, Secondly, Finally); 3. A conclusion where we sum up our argument. (Therefore, In conclusion…).  We also have to remember to use strong words to convince our reader like: strongly agree, definitely, will, must, always…

Be careful parents – I’m sure you will find your child becoming more skillful at persuading you to allow them to do certain things… 🙂

Listen to this very convincing argument written as a YES to the statement: All Australians should learn to swim!

Great job, Sofia! 🙂  Sofia -exposition



Practise taking away in these games.  Use your strategies: 1. to count on     2.  to count back     3.  use a number line

Remember to hover your mouse and click for the activity.  Then click out on the cross.  Do these in order.

1.  Target Take-Away use the animation to help when you need it.

2. Minus Mission use the arrow keys to blast the slime drops before they get you by getting the answer correct

3. Subtraction Machinechoose your level (push yourself) and see how well you can score.

3. Speed Subtraction Grid click on 2 numbers that will make the number sentence correct.  Lots of clever mental maths here.



This is where you will get your ideas and write your drafts for the teacher to mark before you write up your cards.


1.         Look through the books we have read and write your famous attractions in the T-Chart.  You may also look up on the computer (Encarta) and Google and use this Glog.

2.         Write one game card for each state or territory (8 cards)

3.         Write out your instructions for your game.