Flipped Learning at Work!

IMG_6644 (Small)Students have been learning Maths by watching a video of the lesson before doing the worksheets with the teacher’s help.  IMG_6645 (Small)By flipping our learning like this, students get the time to rewind the video and practise and really understand the strategy before they meet with the teacher in a small group to use the strategy.

IMG_6646 (Small)This also allows the teacher to work more with each student and give helpful tips and support.

IMG_6650 (Small)

IMG_6647 (Small)

IMG_6642 (Small)

IMG_6648 (Small)

IMG_6649 (Small)I was so proud of how you all worked this week in Rotating Maths Groups!  Give yourselves a pat on the back!   🙂 Mrs Veary

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