APPLES discussing their book and making predictions.

Wow!  Mondays are so much fun with Book Club to end the day!  I heard so many good readers and such good discussions as I moved around the different groups this week.

ORANGES contributed actively to the discussion.

Book Club is where you all get to climb inside the writer’s head and look at Who? What? Where? Why? When? and How? things happen in the text.

BANANAS had a good session and were able to SUMMARISE the text well.

Your team leaders have been doing a terrific job helping you to explore RIGHT THERE questions, THINK AND SEARCH questions and ON YOUR OWN questions to make meaning of what you are reading.

PEARS were very thoughtful as they talked about their text this week!

GRAPES are reading some challenging texts and they loved the spies this week.

Every single student was engaged in their learning and for that I thank our wonderful parent volunteers who have been coming in each week! Your help and support has made an enormous difference to us in Room 6 so thank you for your time and your caring and helpful personalities!  🙂

I particularly LOVE the way all of you are able to share with the whole class some of the READING STRATEGIES you have used and we are all able to celebrate your hard work in Book Club during these final minutes each week!  Here you are, sharing the summarising strategy…

Mrs Veary and Room 6

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