Arley Reads Her Humorous Story (Funny Story)

Arley wrote a really funny story about a Smushy Banana.  Here she has read it to us and illustrated her story beautifully.  Listen to her read while you scroll down through the pictures.

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1. Beginning




Great job at writing with humour (making us laugh), Arley!  🙂

The Pillowcase Project

This post was written by our classroom Dolphinkids journalist, Izzy!  Great job, Izzy!  😎

On Tuesday the 29 March we had visitors from the Red Cross.  They came to tell us how to be prepared for emergencies like big fires, cyclones and floods.

They gave us sheets to work one and we had to circle faces and draw two or three pictures.

Then they got pillowcases for us to draw on to remind us what to put into our pillowcases to take away with us if we had to leave home in an emergency.

Jill taught us about Breathing with Colours.  Pick your nice relaxing colour and breathe in, then think of your bad colour and breathe it out.

Most people really enjoyed drawing their Need and Want items on their pillowcases.  You can see their pillowcase drawings here.

&nbspPillowcase Project Drawings on PhotoPeach ;

Thank you Mary and Jill and the Red Cross.  🙂





Last week we had our first lesson in Science – our Melting Moments unit of work!

Students took home notes about Run, Run, Runny.  Students need to to do some research on which objects change state from solid to liquid or the other way round, and what caused the change.

What is the same and what is different? What caused the changes?

This research can be done over the next few weeks and students need to keep notes and take photos or make drawings of what happens.  They will need to be ready to present to the class what they found out with either a chart, a powerpoint or a talk with some photos and notes during Week 4 of next term.

Mrs Veary