Merit Certificates

Congratulations to our Merit Certificate recipients this week.  With no assemblies because of Covid-19 restrictions, students received their certificates privately in their classrooms.



Savannah for:

a great improvement in Reading! I love the effort you are making to read regularly at home, and your reading fluency.  Great job, Savannah!

Tully for:

your concentration and effort at all learning tasks.  I love your imaginative writing and your recent Retell.  Way to go, Tully!

Great job, girls!  Mrs Veary 🙂

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to our last 3 merit certificate recipients: Rosie, Catto and Harper!  🙂

Rosie for…

your enthusiasm for learning and for being willing to set yourself challenges!  Congratulations on completing an excellent first spelling contract using difficult words. Well done!

Catto for:

your empathy for others and your enthusiasm for learning. Catto you are a responsible and independent learner and you are always willing to lend a helping hand, with schoolwork and classroom jobs. Thank you for being such a reliable and friendly class member.

Harper for…

diving into learning tasks with enthusiasm and energy. You are always ready to challenge yourself and we saw this with the skill you showed when writing your latest story!  Well done!

Great job, people!

Mrs Veary

Merit Certificates – Congratulations!


to all our Merit Certificate recipients:

Trinity, Kye L, Nico, Ivy, Tilly, Heidi,

Nicholas and Sid!!

You earned your Merit Certificates for:

Trinity for making a much bigger effort with your schoolwork.  Keep reading regularly at home and your latest piece of writing was a big improvement in using sentences.  Keep it up?

Kye for being a quietly independent worker.  You always listen carefully to instructions, then work steadily to complete tasks.  Way to go!

Nico for your improved focus and effort when working independently and for your logical Mathematical thinking skills.  Way to go!

Tilly for brightening up our room with your gorgeous smile every day and for your calm and focused approach to all tasks.  Great work, Tilly!

Heidi for being such a reliable and responsible student – always willing to work hard at tasks, tackle new challenges and always trying your best.  You are a true gem!

Nicholas for maintaining a high standard of work this term and for the extra detail you put into presentation of your work.  Way to go, Nicholas!

Sid for your enthusiastic and industrious approach to all tasks.  You tackle them head on and you are always willing to take on a new challenge.  You have a strong work ethic and you power your way through jobs, working quickly and methodically, especially in Maths.   Way to go, Sid!

Great job, everybody.  🙂






your enthusiasm and willingness to give everything a go, giving your best effort in class and on the sports field.  Way to go, Henry!  🙂


your responsible attitude and being an attentive and reliable class member.  We love your friendly nature and the way you always help your peers!  🙂




Congratulations to our merit certificate recipient, Natalia


and to Rowley and Oliver for being the highest fundraisers in Room 6 and in Year 3 for the Fun Run.


You ALL did a great job raising so much money for our school to be able to provide high tech computer and digital equipment in our classrooms.  WELL DONE, ROOM 6!

😎 Mrs Veary

Merit Certificates

IMG_6532 (Small)Congratulations to Oliver!  He received a merit certificate this week for:

improving your IT skills and being a very responsible Smartboard monitor in our classroom.  Keep up the ‘technology’ learning, Oliver!


I ‘m really looking forward to seeing the castles you construct tomorrow!

Mrs Veary 🙂