Celebrating – Merit Certificates

These students earned merit certificates at the past two assemblies!  Congratulations to Gigi, Ruby and Kai!  🙂

IMG_6431 (Small)Merit Certificate awarded to Gigi for

writing a very exciting “Lost” story, then publishing it as a digital storybook.  You have been a very helpful computer experts Gigi, and I look forward to reading more of your stories.  Great job!

IMG_6466 (Small)Merit Certificates to Ruby and Kai for:

Ruby for writing then sharing your story about “your Lost Dog”.  You read with great expression and you have produced a terrific digital storybook.  Well done!

Kai for your focus and persistence when working with numbers.  Ten thousand was a worthy target and I love the way you set challenges for yourself, then work determinedly to meet them.  Way to go!

Well done to all of you and I will be looking out to celebrate someone else’s hard work at our next assembly!  🙂

Mrs Veary


Good morning beautiful people and your relief teacher for the day!  I am sorry but I am not well today but I hope to see you all tomorrow again.  Work hard today and here is your work for the day.

Liz will be in first thing 8:30 and she is going to test Harry (if he is there) first.  If she could then test these students:  Oliver, Leroy, Lily F. and Lily H.  Please could you tell her this as she won’t have read this post.
9 – 11  Students go to Phys Ed with Mr Gibbon then Art with Mrs Dornan.  Liz will go with them.  Liz to discuss with Jaiden the Monster Houses which he will draw AFTER RECESS while the others have Maths.  Also Liz to prepare a couple of activities for his work station while she is not in class after recess.
After recess:
Liz goes to Room 4.
NEWS:  Students know how to run this.  Choose 2 people to be timers.
MATHS: Jaiden to draw his Monster House carefully and go over outline in dark pencil when complete.  No colour as we will be doing a wash over it.
MATHS: REST OF CLASS: Students started little workpack “Numbers to 1 000” yesterday.  Today to work on Pages 2, 3 and 5.  Leave page 4 for today.  [bookets are on table next to teacher’s desk.]

LIZ RETURNS ROOM 6 at 12.20.  Liz to prepare edicol dye wash materials for OUTSIDE ONLY on borrowed table from resource room (covered in newspaper) – COLOURS: TURQUOISE BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN (maybe purple and orange)

MONSTER HOUSES: finish drawing them and then go over pencil lines with dark pencil, ready for wash over them after lunch.


STORYTIME – students sit on floor and you read a little from “13-Storey Treehouse”.  (10 mins) while Liz sets up outside for wash.  Jaiden participates in story.
SEND OUT STUDENTS TO DO WASH AS READY (Liz to supervise and maybe Jaiden can help her) – while inside students do their first Thinkers’ Key activity.  (You should find the booklets on my desk or on the desk beside the teacher’s desk).  Your choice which one you choose and explain that these are all about creativity – use lots of colour and labels and detail.  Share in circle with class

Fast finishers: complete and colour your pictures of your “Favourite Room” to go with you story.  (inside your draft writing books) and some (Ruby) will be ready to create their Show Me audio version.  Ruby and Gigi can be expert helpers with this.

(If you finish early you could reward the class for good work with a little game outside…)

Enjoy your day everybody and work hard.  🙂
Mrs Veary