Merit Certificates!

Congratulations to:

every student in Room 6 for your hard work which has been rewarded with this week’s Bee-bop-a-lula Award for Music!


for your positive approach to learning and for your enthusiasm and determination to improve your literacy skills.  You have made a huge improvement already.  Way to go, Tate!



for the thought and care you put into every task.  You produce well-presented, eye-catching posters which show original ideas.  Great work, Ashlyn!

Great work everybody!

Mrs Veary 😎

Our Talented Musician!

Wow!  Emillie really impressed us with her guitar skills during her news session last week.  She has been playing the guitar since she was four years old and we enjoyed listening to her play and sing “Riptide” smoothly and confidently.  Great job, Emillie!  Enjoy listening to her on this video clip and post a positive comment for her. Mrs Veary 🙂


We will be listening to some famous poems and songs about Australia.  You will need to read and listen to the words very carefully and try to picture what they say in your head.  We will be singing the first song ourselves and trying to picture what the “First Australians” thought when they saw the tall ships arrive by sea.

1. “I am Australian” – music video of the song

2. MY COUNTRY – a poem by Dorothea McKellar

We will be learning this poem and trying to recite it ourselves.  You need to look out for all the describing words (adjectives) and we will be drawing pictures to illustrate each line of this poem.  Enjoy!  🙂

Looking at the describing words she uses, you are now going to illustrate her famous first verse of this poem.

Mrs Veary 😎


Wow – Drum Roll for Harvey!

Harvey made a real impact last week when he went to the Music Room to audition for the School bands.  He is only in Year 3 but Ms Helen was so impressed that Harvey will be given the opportunity to jam with the older students and try out for one of the School bands.  Harvey is a keen and talented drummer and he is very excited and looking forward to his first session with our bands.  Go Harvey!  😆