to our MERIT CERTIFICATE recipients:

Well done to Kiana and Leland.  You have received our very first merit certificates for your hard work.

KIANA for displaying all of our school values in the way you approach your learning. I love your enthusiasm and the way you focus on tasks.  Way to go, Kiana! 🙂

LELAND for settling in so well to Year 3 and for giving everything a go! Keep trying your best and you will have an awesome year, Leland! 🙂



In Writing today we are going to be looking at descriptive writing.

This means writing in a way that allows the reader to picture exactly what you are describing.  You will be using words to paint a picture for your reader.  This means that you need to choose your words carefully and use lots of really good adjectives (describing words).

Today you will be writing a POEM about your house!  You will need to use adjectives and similes to describe your very own house.  There is a special way to write these poems, so use your planner and try and make your poem really original!

This is how you will be writing your descriptive poems about their own homes.  The first line describes what it looks like, the second how it makes  you feel, the third the sounds you can hear there, the fourth what smells you notice and the last line is a statement about your home.  

Example: [Notice that poems have lines,  NOT SENTENCES, so you start a new line and don’t continue along the same line as a sentence would!

My house looks like…. or My house is …

To create a really good picture for your reader, you will also need to use some similes in your description.  A simile compares your alien to something that we can all picture.  It uses the words like….. or as…

Eg. “My house feels as hot as the furnace of the sun during summer.”

Here are some posters about similes to get your imagination going.  🙂


dog simile


frog simile


You all have such good imaginations that I’m sure you are going to and write amazing poems using lots of descriptive  writing today!

Mrs Veary 🙂


Click on the link where you see a hand when you put your cursor over it, to get to the website.

    1.  KIDCYBER – tells you the story of the First Fleet’s journey to Australia


TODAY IN WRITING we are going to be writing about what happened on that day in 1788.  We will be exploring OTHER POINT OF VIEW writing where you write with the feelings and thoughts of a particular person in the story (not yourself).

This week you will be doing two pieces of writing.  Today you will be writing about what happened on that day in 1788 from the point of view of a First Australian on the shores watching the ships come in.  Describe what you saw. What did you think was happening? What did you do?  How did you feel?  What did you wonder about?

Tomorrow we will be writing from the point of view of a convict on board a ship. Explain what you saw around you as the ship sailed in.  What did you think about where you were?  How was it different from what you were used to?  Who did you see watching you there?  What were your feelings?  What did you wonder about?